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The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
hit the Pacific coast of northeast Japan
on MARCH 11th, 2011

Officials of the National Police Agency have confirmed 14,508 deaths,
whereabouts of 11,452 people are still unknown
and 130,155 people are staying at evacuation centers as of April 27th.

As one of the Japanese, I would like to express my deepest gratitude
for kind assistant of Iran and all the countries from the bottom of my heart
"ARIGATOU ありがとう"

Iranian junior-high school students
sent Messages for Japan


Imam Mousa Sadr junior high school ( TEHRAN ) students who sent messages for Japan


Dear my friends who are going through the most difficult time in Japan

The New Year has started in our country and people are celebrating that, but our hearts are aching for your sorrow. And now I take my pen to express what’s in my heart.

When I got this news and TV showed the pictures of an Earthquake and Tsunami, I felt very sad in tears, and thought that “ If this matter happens in our country, can we bear this problem? ”  I’m trying to share your feeling to understand these difficulties more, but I know I can never understand how big your sorrow is completely.

I hope that you will face up to these difficulties and finish them up soon. Please accept our condolences.

Saeid Taghvaei  14 years old





サイード・タグヴァーイ  14

Dear Japanese friends,

When we heard about the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, it made me think a lot. We want to express deepest sympathy if you’d lost someone in this disaster.

We Iranians love you so much. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to tell us. We can do something for you. Don’t be so sad and I want you to know that Iranians are always beside you. If you come to Iran, we can support you.

When the Tsunami happened in Japan, we were celebrating the New Year in Iran, but now we were concerning about you anytime.

Amir Reza Mobaraki  15 years old





アミール・レザー・モバラキ  15

Dear my friends,

I’m so sorry for the huge disaster that hurt you. I feel how sad you are and have so many problems. From the bottom of my heart, I hope all these problems will be solved soon.

Mahdi Yahya zadeh  14 years old




My condolences for Japanese people,

While we’re celebrating our New Year, you got so many problems by the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. But we never forget you. This letter is for all the people who lost their parents. I hope you’ll get over all difficulties and start next New Year happily.

Mohammad Amin Towhidi  14 years old




My condolences for Japanese children and Government,

Today is the 14th day of our New Year and we’ve come back to school after holidays. We’re writing these letters for you to sympathize with you, and wish health and happiness for you all.

Your country has powerful, latest technology and very rich Culture that can solve the problems with patience. The only advice I have for Children as old as I am is that you can rebuild all the damages when you try to be beside adults and the responsible people. And don’t forget that your future is in your own hands.

I want you to know that Iran is always beside you. I hope you’ll come to Iran and enjoy yourself here someday.

Hossein Borjlu  14 years old






Dear Japanese friends,

I hope you are all well. Please accept my condolences. I hope you’ll finish this hard time and rebuild your country as soon as possible. Iran has something to do, for example, inviting you to our country and support you . All the students and I sympathize with you. We hope that you’ll come back to your school as soon as possible.

Alireza Talebi  14 years old




For the people in Sendai,

Please accept my condolences. It’s a New Year time in Iran and we should have been happy, but we’re so sad about the disaster happened in Japan.

We heard that there was an Earthquake of magnitude 9 and it killed more than 11,000 people and thousands of people were wounded. If we can do something for you, please let us know. We can send you all the things you need such as food and clothes.

There was a big earthquake happened in Bam, one of our cities, some years ago. We hope this experience can be useful for you.

Farshid Moradi






My condolences for Japanese people,

Even if you’ve lost someone, don’t be so sad, you’re not alone. I know that Japanese people are so wise and We will pray until Japan gets back to the normal.

Farshid Sharifian




Hello to Japanese people,

I heard that a Big Earthquake and Tsunami happened in Japan. I believe you are our friends. Now it’s a New Year time in Iran. My dear friend who lives in Fukushima, I’d like to share my feeling with you.

Mahdi Haj Hassan




Dear friends going through hardships,

We are also very sad and sympathize with you. We hope your health and this situation will be better soon. Let’s pray together . We hope to see you someday.

Behzad Beikverdi  14 years old




My condolences for you,

Please don’t be so sad, we’ll be with you. Japanese people are so strong. I hope you will endure this hardship and life will get back to the normal soon. You helped us before, so now it’s our turn.

Amirmohammad Mobasher Hosseini  14 years old




Hello, everyone,

I hope you’re fine and healthy. Please accept my condolences for dear students.

We understand your situation completely because there was a big earthquake in Bam which killed so many people. I hope you will get over this disaster. I hope for dear Japanese students to succeed. We were celebrating the Iranian New Year, but now we’re sad and concern about you.

No Name





Hello friends,

Please accept my condolences for the sake of all the people who got killed and the people who lost houses. I hope you will get back to normal life as soon as possible.

Davood Mana  14 years old



ダブード・マナ  14

My heart is broken today.

Please accept my condolences for the Japanese kids. I know that your life has become so hard. We pray for you to rebuild your houses again in order to get back to your routine life. When we, Iranian children, heard about this earthquake in Japan, we became very sad.

Alireza Soroush  15 years old




My condolences for Japanese people,

This disaster that happened in Japan made Iranian people so sad. But you Japanese people are so strong that everything is going to be okay. I hope Happiness will come back to Japan again.

Ali Rafiei  15 years old



アリ・ラフィイ  15

We were celebrating a good New Year, but when we heard the News about the earthquake of magnitude 9 in Japan, everybody cried .We heard that more than 11,000 people died in this disaster , some villages and cities also ruined, and now everyday Aftershocks are happening continuously. Whenever you need help, please let us know.

AmirHossein Bakhshi  16 years old


アミールホセイン・バフシー  16

Dear Japanese friends,

I’m really sorry for the disaster which happened in Japan, it means the Earthquake, Tsunami and the problem of Reactors in Fukushima. Please accept my condolences for you. I hope Japanese people will endure these difficulties, solve all problems and get the good results.

Sincerely yours,

Mohammad Mahmoodian  14 years old





For Japanese people stricken by an earthquake,

It was a New Year time in Iran, but we were always thinking about you. I’m so sad about this disasters which happened to you because I can’t be with you there in Japan. I’m writing this Message with tears in my eyes and pain in my heart. I want you not to lose your hope.

I hope you will get enough stuff and back to peaceful life soon. I always sympathize with you.

Pooya Safaeiyan





For Japanese people in a very hard time,

We were in a New Year time and everybody was happy here, but when we heard the News about you, we became very sad. The News said that an Earthquake of magnitude 9 has happened in your city and then Tsunami has come. All the Iranians are sad about that. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to tell us. Because when an Earthquake happened in Bam ( one of our cities ), you helped us. I hope you’ll reply to our letters.

Reza Heidari   14 years old




For all Japanese students as old as myself,

I am Shahab Khorsandi and I study on the 2nd grade of Imam Mousa Sadr junior high school in Tehran. I’m really sorry for the disaster that happened in Japan. We’re sure that this kind of disaster will happen to us, too. I hope your life will get back to normal as soon as possible.

Maybe you cannot believe it but I’m writing this Message by the pen from your country which has given as a present ! I really believe your country is the best in industries and business . I’m sure that you’ll come back to school very soon and make your future.

Shahab Khorsandi   14 years old



信じられないかもしれませんが、今、私はこのメッセージをプレゼントとしてもらった皆さんの国のペンを使って書いているのです! 私たちは日本が商工業において一番の国であると思っています。私は、皆さんが早くに学校に戻ることができ、未来を切り開くことができると確信しています。


I’m Seyed Hossein Moulaei-Poor, 14 years old student of 2nd grade at Imam Mousa Sadr junior high school in Tehran.

I’m so sad about this disaster that happened in your country. The pictures of the disaster witch I saw on TV remind me the children who had the same situation like you during the earthquake in Bam ( One of the cities in Iran ). I remember that so many countries helped Bam people.

I hope all these problems will be solved and everything will get back to normal. And all the Japanese students will continue their studies. I hope that the children who lost their families won’t lose their hope.

Seyed Hossein Moulaei-Poor





My condolences for the children who lost their parents in this disaster,

We were celebrating a New Year in our country but you lost people in your country. I hope all the Earthquake and Tsunami problems will be finished and you’ll get back to your routine life.

Your friend,
Hossein Mokhtari   14 years old




I’m an Iranian student.

I heard about Tsunami and became so sad. Please accept my condolences at your loss. We were in a New Year time but we never forget you. Human can solve the problems by patience. We want to do whatever we can. We sympathize with you.

Hossein Barmayoun   14 years old




I’m a 14 years old Iranian student,

We Iranian students are really sad about the dreadful Earthquake and Tsunami which happened to you. We hope that everything will get back to former situation soon. We Iranians have a festival on the 1st day of the spring which called Now Ruz that is full of happiness and sensation but we never forget you in these days.

I hope the students will come back to their schools, all the people will come back to their job, and all of you will come back to your houses and normal life.

Alireza Ghorban-Poor





I became so sad because your country has got big damage by an Earthquake and Tsunami. It could happen to any other countries. Don’t forget that your country Japan is one of the most important countries in the world. Don’t worry, the government and responsible people in your country are absolutely trying to find a way to solve the problems. The earthquake happened several times in our country, too, and Iranians faced up to these disasters. I think Japan is also strong like us.

Shahin Khorsandi   14 years old



My condolences for Japanese people and Students,

We watched the News about the disaster in Japan. We are so sad about it. We hope this difficulties will be finished as soon as possible. My family and I keep praying that everything will be alright.

I’ve one proposal. My father always says that we should reinforce the reactor building by cement, so Radioactivity cannot leak outside to hurt people. And about food and water, why don’t you take people to the borders. That will make it easy for the other countries to help them.

We Iranians have a festival named Now Ruz which is as like as your Christmas. We meet our relatives during this time and they give us money as a New Year's gift. But in these days I couldn’t enjoy it because I was always putting myself in you place to understand your situation better. It was really painful.

Mobin Houri   15 years old






My name is Seyed Mohammad Naser Mirghassemi, 14 years old.

Please accept my condolences for the disaster which happened to you. I sympathize with you. Although it’s a New Year time in Iran, we think about you a lot and we’re sad. Hang in there. Iranians are very kind with a great hospitality. If you can come to Iran, we really welcome you.

Seyed Mohammad Naser Mirghassemi




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